James Koroni by Photographer, Travis Chantar - chantarphotography.com/

James Koroni by Photographer, Travis Chantar – chantarphotography.com

My name is James Koroni and I’ve been a professional dancer for my entire adult life. I’ve toured internationally and work in theater, film, commercials, music videos and television. In order to sustain this physically taxing career, I must be in constant dialogue with my body. Understanding its needs is everything. My body is the medium I use to communicate and articulate an artistic vision. This is why its needs must be prioritized.

I’ve also been vegan for 15 years. Eating a whole foods plant based diet is what keeps me going strong. This lifestyle is not only about what I consume but also with what I wear and the products that I put in contact with my skin. I’m very discerning with my skincare products. When I learned about Silver Fox Skincare I was excited to see that they have products that are vegan made of all natural ingredients!

I most recently performed up in Hudson, New York in The Hudson Eye. It was thrilling to embody choreographer Jonah Bokaer‘s work in such a grand space, The Basilica Hudson. Originally built in 1880 as a forge and foundry for steel railway wheels (later housing a glue factory until the 1980s), the building has since been stripped down to its architectural bones: industrial windows, brick walls, terracotta ceiling tiles and an intricate steel truss system.

I like to think about my body like a piece of architecture that must be preserved. If you keep it working at it’s best it will grow and evolve gracefully with you as you do over the years.


When I dance, I sweat a lot and expel a tremendous amount of energy. It’s important for me to use natural vegan skincare products before and after I dance. Much like putting on armor, I apply a layer of protection so that I can fearlessly dive into the material knowing that I am well nourished and ready for a long rehearsal day.

My favorite vegan products by Silver Fox Skincare are Charge Day Cream and Rejuvenate Night Cream.