Since the skin is our largest living and breathing organ and the part of us that is exposed to the world and environment we are in, it’s important we offer it the most natural skin food there is. We know when we feed our body foods that are hard to digest or just not great for creating balance inside our body, we suffer from it. Our digestive system suffers, our muscles and our brain suffer from lack of proper energy. The same goes with how we feed our skin. Anything that goes on our skin will eventually be absorbed by our bloodstream and lymphatic system, it enters into our body and moves through it via our blood.

We might already think about how and on what we spend money in terms of organic food and food products that are less processed, but are we also thinking about what we put on our skin during our morning and evening rituals when we brush our teeth, clean our skin and apply the latest skin product we are trying out? The marketing and label might tell you it’ll make you look ten years younger, but is that really so?

Natural Ingredients, but Is It Full of Preservatives?

The label might say it’s natural, but it doesn’t always mean that it’s completely natural.  In most cases, to prolong the shelf life of a skin care product, the manufacturer will add preservatives to the formula. These are often synthetic and not natural. Chances are that the synthetic ingredients will counteract the benefits of the natural ingredients. In some case, it might be better for you to put your food on your face instead of the cream or simply just change your diet to consist of the vitamins (especially C and A Vitamins) and minerals (Zinc and Selenium) that your skin needs to stay healthy. Basically your skin needs lots of antioxidants to stay balanced. So it’s worth noting, what we ingest also has an effect on the vibrancy of our skin, not just the skin care products we put on our skin.

Do you know how to read what is inside the skin care product you purchased?

To prolong the shelf life of skin care products especially the ones that are based on water (not oil), most cosmetics companies use different synthetic preservatives like parabens, aldehydes, glycol ethers and organohalogen compounds. Preservatives are used to prevent alteration caused by oxygenation and the development of microorganisms in the products and preserve its formula, this is especially true with products that contain water. The more natural preservatives available include natural antioxidants like ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), tocopherol (Vitamin E), other natural preservatives are alcohol, benzoic acid, sorbic acid and sterilization among others.

As a consumer, it’s always worth educating yourself a bit before making a purchase or trying out something new. Silver Fox skincare products are made without any artificial preservatives. Our primary ingredients are listed here.  To get a full list of ingredients please contact us here.

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