We say goodbye to an atypical summer.  We spent  a majority of the time at home, working remotely and confined because of Covid 19 and we welcome autumn with great hope. With a gradual reopening to a new normal but also with less humidity in the environment our skin begins to show dryness and the effects of a stressful year, that is why with the change of season we suggest paying greater attention to the care and maintenance of your skin.  Excellent hydration and the use of SilverFox skin care products, as well as recommending good water intake are key components as we mentioned in our previous blog post.

Another factor that runs through the environment is the increase of particles in the air and the decrease in air quality as a result of the disasters that occurred in the fires in the states of California, Oregon and Washington in which we unite in prayer and send the best energy to the families who have lost their families and homes, We wish family unity and a speedy recovery of the devastated ecosystems and we extend our gratitude to the firefighters who have supported and mitigated the environmental impact of these fires.

Thank you for reading our post and we appreciate your comments to know what topics you are interested in knowing and that we can share with you for the care of your skin.